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All About Coffee 1922
Coffee History, Cultivation... 1872
Coffee 1872
Coffee from Plantation to Cup 1884
Coffee As It Is 1850
A Cup of Coffee 1883
Coffee & Its Adulterations 1867
Nature & Cultivation of Coffee 1865
Cultivation & Prep. of Coffee 1894
Coffee Cultivation & Profit 1886
Coffee in Natal 1874
Coffee Planting in India 1864
Coffee in India & Ceylon 1877
Coffee Planter of Ceylon 1870
Liberian Coffee in West Indies 1881

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Tea, Coffee & Cocoa Analysis 1874
Chemistry of Foods 1881

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The Tea Cyclopaedia 1882
Tea Planting & Manufacture 1897
Tea Cultivation in Ssuch'uan 1895
Tea Industry in India 1882
Tea Planting in the Himalayah 1861
Tea & Tea Drinking 1884
Cultivation & Mfg of Tea 1883
The Book of Tea 1906
Indian Tea Culture & Mfg 1908
Tea Planter's Life in Assam 1884
Tea Blending, a Fine Art 1896
Tea & the Tea Trade 1850
Tea Machinery & Factories 1900
Toasted Leaves Charles Lamb 1890
Yerba Mate 1916

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In business for over 25 years, Coffee For Less carries a huge selection of coffee and tea at the lowest prices, including the largest name brands in the coffee and tea world such as Starbucks, Millstone, Folgers, Maxwell House and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the most sought after varieties, like Kona coffee and Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. They also sell coffee roasters, coffee grinders, and coffee makers, as well as hot chocolate, energy drinks, water coolers, and other refreshment-beverage related products.

Founded in 1985, Café Britt was the first gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica. Since then they have expanded to Peru, Chile, and Curacao. Café Britt roasts and ships premium gourmet coffees direct from the countries that grow them. They also sell other goodies like gourmet chocolates, cocoa, and macadamia nuts. Standard shipping is always FREE when buying 6 bags or more to the continental US and Canada. They do ship internationally.

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illy has spent nearly 70 years perfecting the espresso coffee process to bring you the most satisfying coffee experience. They invite you to discover their full selection of expertly roasted coffee, coffee machines, artist collection cups, and exceptional accessories and gifts.

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Adagio Teas is the number one destination for tea drinkers online.

Mighty Leaf Tea has created the award winning silken and biodegradable Tea Pouch appreciated by tea lovers everywhere. Filled with the world's finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits, and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags, the Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch provides an extraordinary gourmet tea experience.

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The KRUPS Online Store is the official online store for Krups countertop appliances and accessories. Krups products are known for their precision, perfection, passion... beyond the everyday. Discover the Krups range of espresso makers, coffee machines, toasters, kettles, blenders, sandwich makers and much more. Krups products carry a 1 year limited warranty, and the official stocks all replacement parts and accessories. is the official online store for Thermos bottles and other Thermos brand products. Thermos is one of the leaders in food and beverage storage containers. Thermos manufactures consistently high quality products made from the best available materials. Thermos products are tested to ensure that the materials and processes are safe and their products reliable.
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Coffee for Less Free Gifts

TIME Magazine,
February 8, 1954:

FOOD: The Cup That Agitates
    Coffee has always been exciting. According to a Syrian legend, its use as a beverage began when the head of a Moslem monastary, who noticed that his goats got frisky after eating coffee berries, brewed up some to keep his monks awake at evening prayers. Some Moslem fanatics objected violently to its use: it was outlawed and bootlegged in parts of the East. On the other hand, Sultan Selim I is said to have liked coffee so much that he hanged two Persian doctors who said it was bad for the health-- a fate that countless physicians since then have narrowly escaped.

    When the Turks raised the siege of Vienna, they left sacks of coffee behind, and an enterprising Polish defender of Christendom hastened to beat is sword into a percolator by grabbing the coffee and opening the first of hundreds of Viennese coffeehouses.
    Charles II of England called coffeehouses "seminaries of sediton," and in France they were just that. Rousseau, Voltaire, Robespierre, Marat and Danton all frequented coffeehouses, and from one of them the attack on the Bastille was launched.

    William Penn so loved the stuff that he paid $4.68 a lb. for it. Upton Sinclair, on the other hand, hated coffee so deeply that when Harry (Tramping on Life) Kemp was about to move out with Sinclair's first wife, the aggrieved husband, according to Kemp, found her percolator and thrust it upon her lover, saying "You can take this to your goddess, this poison machine, and lay it on her altar."
    Little wonder, then, that the U.S. public was in an uproar last week over coffee.

    A Powder Train. A year ago, March coffee futures were selling at around 53˘ a lb.; last week they touched 72˘, and the retail price ranged from 89˘ to $1.10. Coffee by the cup at lunch counters threatened to go to 15˘.

    Congressmen who didn't know what to say about the Bricker amendment were decisive and articulate-- and undivided-- on the coffee issue. The Senate started an investigation. The House thought it had better start one too. The President of the U.S. (who drinks 2˝ cups a day, while Mrs. Eisenhower drinks five) announced that the Federal Trade Commission was trying to get to the bottom of the coffee price rise.
    Iowa's Senator Guy Gillette, who doesn't touch the stuff himself, followed an old Iowa tradition by blaming it all on "gambling and speculation."

    Quick as the flash of a powder train, the uproar spread to South America. The Brazilian government, alarmed by the angry murmuring in América del Norte, hurridly invited four U.S. housewives to travel south, all expenses paid, to see for themselves the real cause of the trouble-- scarcity caused by drought, frost and underplanting by Brazilian farmers. A spokesman from Colombia talked darkly of a plot by the "tea interests," and one from El Salvador advised the U.S. to quit demanding nickel coffee until it resumed making $1,000 automobiles.

    An Awesome Statistic. Between 1900, when the U.S. imported 7,000,000 132-lb. bags of coffee, and last year, when it bought 20.5 million bags, the American thrist for coffee has grown tremendously. In the years since 1940, during which millions of U.S. workers began taking morning and afternoon "coffee breaks" and millions of servicemen used coffee to kill the taste of chlorine, consumption has risen by 30%.

    By last week it was almost impossible for Americans to talk about anything-- even outrageous coffee prices-- without having a cup of coffee. They consumed coffee at such a rate (5˝ billion gallons a year) that if all of a years consumption were brewed in a Bunyanesque retort and decanted into the Niagara river, it would take 15 hours to tumble over the lip of Niagara Falls (American side). If the somnolent Moslem monks had known that awesome statistic, they would probably have stayed awake and prayed very hard, without the help of coffee.

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